Do you want your kids 
to be happy & healthy, mentally, physically, & emotionally, as 
well as confident and Optimistic? 

Jigsaw Mind is an app designed for children between the age categories of 5-8, 9-12, & 13-15. Children will receive daily positive messages, affirmations & goal setting routine over a one-year period.
Our goal is to teach children to be resilient in a complex, technologically advanced society and help them develop confidence and a strong sense of self-worth early on.

Do you want your kids
to be happy & healthy, mentally, physically, & emotionally, as
well as confident and positive?

Jigsaw Mind is an app designed for children between the age categories of 5-8, 9-12, & 13-15. Children will receive daily positive messages and affirmations over a one-year.
Invest In Your Kids When They Are Young. Plant The Seed Of Greatness In Them. They Have An Unlimited Potential To Achieve Great Things In Life.


Jigsaw Mind App

Jigsaw Mind is an app designed to  help your kids develop the following, through short stories and daily positive mindset messages. 
A can do attitude. 
Resilient mindset to cope with ever-challenging world
Healthy self-esteem & increased confidence
Self-discipline, & problem solving skills
Positive self-image and a healthy sense of self-worth
Awareness of one's emotions and management of them 
Understanding of other people's emotions and social cues 
Better communication and healthier relationships
Love and respect for oneself and one's body 
Ability to learn how to think, not what to think
Familiarity with the law of attraction
Emotional intelligence (EQ), Plus positive outlook on life
Abundant mindset,  Setting Big Goals & Pursuit of dreams 
Trust in oneself, Courage & Taking action
+ Much more

Our goal is to teach children to be resilient in a complex, technologically advanced society and help them develop confidence and a strong sense of self-worth early on. We want to raise them to be happy, healthy, balanced individuals capable of becoming future leaders, world changers, and innovators. Plant the seed of greatness at a young age because they truly have the unlimited potential to have an extraordinary life and impact the world with their talent. 
Raise them to be courageous, handle stress with ease, cope with challenges, bounce back from disappointment, and adversity. Teach them to take action and not be afraid of failure. For that, they need to believe in themselves and have a positive self-image and a healthy mindset. 

Mould them young, build them from the inside Out.

" Give me your child until he is seven, and I will show you the man."

This is a quote by Aristotle, stating how vital early childhood influences are in character development. 
Recent studies show that a child's brain development goes far beyond the age of seven.

Children's brainwaves are in the alpha and theta states, which are super learning states. They are the most absorbent stages where a child is entirely open to external influence and suggestion. At a young age, kids do not have an analytical mind, so whatever you fill their minds with will be taken in right away. It gets woven into their character, shaping their personality and turning into a stepping stone to who they become as adults. That is why it is pivotal to start early and teach positivity, courage and trust in themselves.
Unfortunately, the lack of school programs which enhance emotional intelligence (EQ), mindset, self-confidence, goal setting, awareness of the law of attraction, and positive thinking power makes it hard for kids to recognize their potential. This is why we have witnessed an astronomical increase in depression among youth over the past few decades. We see many confused, angry & disturbed kids who are easily swayed by the wrong crowd because they do not know who they really are. Some even hate themselves or engage in self-destructive behaviour. 
Our goal is to change this negative trend and impact as many kids around the world as possible. We want kids to recognize their power and know that they can control their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We want to teach them that they are creators in life, not victims, and can create a great life for themselves. 
Most kids don't have a sense of identity and are oblivious to the power of their thoughts and their minds, so when they are being bullied and called names, they believe it, internalize it and instigate self-hate. We see kids commit suicide at much younger ages than ever before. The goal, via our app’s daily positive messages, is to help kids see and think differently and help them see the positive attributes that they have but are not aware of. Between the ages of 5 and 15, a child’s subconscious mind can be programmed much easier than when they are adults, so why not start early. 

Studies show that bullies often target kids who have low self-esteem. This can be quite overwhelming for children because at a young age they are lost and don't know who they are. They feel powerless and are overwhelmed by too much pressure from school, society, and the media. And for some, doing small chores around the house feels like a huge deal. We want to help them believe in themselves, and have a strong character so that they won't allow bullies to bully them or easily be persuaded by bad influences. 

The Parental Role:

As parents, we have our plates full juggling work and raising kids while adapting to many unexpected changes that come our way. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Also, despite having the best intentions, doing the best to raise happy, healthy and balanced kids can be challenging, especially with all of the negativity out there. 
Some parents still have not dealt with their childhood wounds, and there are times when yelling, getting frustrated and using anger is their only way of controlling the situation. Then, the feeling of guilt and remorse takes over. This app helps parents as individuals. Even though the messages are simplified and written for kids, the core concepts of self-worth, gratitude, mindset, etc., are the same. Let's be honest here, not every parent has confidence or positivity, or an abundant mindset; therefore, you as parents can use the daily messages. The core concept of the notes is the essence of creating a happy, healthy, optimistic attitude and a balanced mind. We highly recommend you as parents read the daily messages because they can give you a new perspective on what to focus on when you are talking to your kids, having conversations with them, coming up with stories and scenarios related to the topic, and just having fun.


What others are saying...

I have two beautiful kids who are my world. I was very happy to see an app that assists with confidence and character building in children. Even though I try my best to teach them to be positive and believe in themselves, I want them to hear it more and more from different sources and in other ways so that it becomes part of their lives. I purchased the app enthusiastically. So far, I love it! I also love the cartoon drawings and pictures in the app. 
Thank You!

Yes, yes, and yes. Anything that helps me raise confident children who believe in themselves and have strong character is well worth every penny.  We buy a lot of extra nonsense stuff that they use for not more than a week, so why not buy something that helps them be decent, happy, and healthy human beings. To that, I say yes, a thousand times. So far, I am learning from the messages too; I guess I have started late haha, but I am never too old to learn new things. 

I have two daughters; one is four and the other is eleven. I want to do my best to raise two confident girls who know their self-worth. I know my daughters will become mothers in the future if they choose to, and when they do, I want them to be the best mothers possible and raise the next generation well. My youngest doesn't know how to read, so I will be reading the daily messages to her. I do believe in starting early. The daily messages will be good for me too, because I can get ideas about what to focus on. I am sure I will learn things for myself, as no one taught me how to think or to have self-worth back in the day, not at school or university. What I learned was a lot of self-sacrifice from my mom, and to this day, I don't know how to say no. I know how crucial early childhood programming is, so I bought the app for both of my kids, and so far, I love it. 

This little guy here is worth everything.  We brought our kids into this world, and it is our responsibility as parents to do our best to raise them well, and get as much help as we can. Also, we as parents need to learn and seek growth so that we are good role models for our kids. I work on myself a lot so that I am a good mother. I also provide my kids with tools that help them grow, as well. I know as a mother, I don't know everything. Therefore, I am happy and thankful that I can purchase an app that can teach my kids how to think about themselves and help their mental health. I am so grateful for this app. My son loves it. Thank you!
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Balanced mind, Happy kids

Our goal is to impact as many kids around the world as possible, and feed their minds with an abundance of positive messages. We want them to be happy, healthy, balanced adults who trust themselves and do not give up easily, and who can withstand any storm or hardship that they might encounter. We know that kids with high self-esteem are more content, engage in more activities, and do much better at school. We strongly believe that we can help children be more confident and believe in themselves through daily positive messages. 

Happy Kids, Happy Parents 

Our app helps your kids succeed. 

The intellectual ability or IQ is not enough to achieve success in life; we have all seen academically brilliant people who lack social skills and are not successful in relationships. The majority of highly successful people have a high EQ. That is why it is essential to teach emotional intelligence to our kids to build strong relationships and therefore be happier in life.

Children are our future; let's do our best together to raise them well.

Happy Kids, happy parents

Invest in them young! you will be proud!

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More than 900,000 people have purchased this app so for their kids.

900,000 people have purchased this app so far.